Become An Ambassador

We are so excited that you inquired about becoming an ambassador and that being a part of our tribe has interested you.

Legacy is a non-profit working globally to redeem, restore, empower, and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. We are actively working with other organizations and social justice enterprises to raise awareness and cease a network of opportunities for the formerly exploited. The product line, Eleventh Candle Co. was created to directly support the causes derived from our non-profit. We are really excited to get the momentum going with our new name and growing team. Our desire is to remind woman everywhere that it is never too late for hope, never too late for a miracle and never ever too late to redeem, restore, empower, and equip those who feel lost – even in the eleventh-hour – help can be found.

Our efforts reside nationally and internationally as we currently employ 4 women nationally, 16 women internationally and have brought 166 children off the streets and back into their communities. Each person who devotes time to spread this ongoing mission will be a helping hand in allowing these numbers to grow.

I would like to encourage you to watch our video on our mission page if you haven’t already.

As you watch the film, we hope you are inspired to help us spread the light by becoming an ambassador.


There are two Enrollment Kits. The breakdown of each kit below:

The Basic Kit $99 ($165 value); an initial profit of $66

11 8oz candles; one in each scent


The Full Kit $199 ($385 value); an initial profit of $186

11 8oz; one in each scent
11 4oz; one in each scent
11 2oz; one in each scent
11 wax melts; one in each scent

We want to you get a great start with us and are excited for you to share our candles and mission with those around you.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions by emailing [email protected] and we look forward to having you on our team!